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Online Devlopment In Spectral Sensing of materials for recycling

This project focus on the characterisation of fine shredder residues coming from the industry of car recycling. It is built on the results of the ILIADE research project.

Electro-dynamic fragmentation lab

The Department Génie Minéral-Matériaux & Environment (GeMMe) has procured an electrodynamic fragmentation instrument called a Selfrag unit.  Breakage through electrodynamic fragmentation (EDF) has the potential to change how society approaches industrial waste recycling and manufacturing processes.  This could also have implications for product design and end of life, lifecycle legislation requirements.  This concept is not merely more efficient than a crusher nor is it a replacement for a conventional ball mill.

Reverse Metallurgy : PICK IT

Metallurgy is a skill that Wallonia can not lose. Thus, in the context of the Marshall Plan, € 41.5 million is invested in the "Reverse Metallurgy" project which brings together different industrial and academic Walloon partners in order to allow the development of techniques that better recycle metals.


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