Sensor Based Sorting & Characterization

Sensor Based Sorting & Characterization lab

GeMMe SBSC activities have expanded from characterization to sorting, controlling both the development of machine vision instruments, robotic sorting systems and pneumatic ejection systems, as well as complete industrial chains comprising sensors, PLC and grippers working in real time and at high speed.


 The laboratory, began its activities by mineral characterization using optical microscopy digital imaging.
Characterization remains the center of competence of the laboratory using the most advanced tools of this branch of artificial intelligence that is machine learning, starting from support vector machine to deep learning on GPU.
The studied materials were also diversified starting from traditional ore samples (crushed ore or drill cores) to recyclable materials. Last cases studies include battery sorting through 3D and XRT, metals alloys sorting using LIBS, sorting of plastics in PP, PE, PVC using SWIR, … but also flame retardant plastics using bromine.

Multisensor & Sorting platform

An multi sensor industrial sorting bench, gathering on the one hand a conveyor belt rotating at speeds of 1 to 2 m / s, 3D scanner, hyperspectral VNIR and SWIR cameras , multi-energy X-ray linear sensor and an analytical LIBS scanner and on the other hand 5 delta robots and pneumatic ejectors.

3D, Hyperspectral, RXT, LIBS acquisition driving Robot Sorting

Core Scanning in collaboration with DMT-group

Size and shape analysis of powder

– 2D Size and shape analysis of dry powder (datasheet)

– 2D Size and shape analysis of  particles in a suspension (datasheet)

Occhio Flow Cell FC200 & Nano 500. Automated Modal Analysis. Backlighted particle

3D Size and Shape analysis by laser triangulation

LaserSieve is a 3D laser scanner that provides the size and the morphology of bulk rock fragments scrolling on a conveyor belt in harsh industrial environments such as quarries or mines. It improves the continuous production process providing these measures in real real-time.
Range : 1- 500 mm

Milli LaserSieve is a smaller version dedicated to laboratories.
Range : 0.1-50 mm

Automated multispectral Imaging

An automated microscope with filterwheel allows registration and mosaicing of multispectral images of polished sections.

The main output is the modal analysis of the phases in the sample.

Automated multispectral acquisition system

VNIR & SWIR Imaging

Registrated system in the range 400 nm – 2500 nm

– Photonfocus + Specim ImSpector V10E (400 – 1000 nm)

– Specim SWIR (1000 – 2500 nm) (datasheet)