Electrodynamic Fragmentation of High Value Compound & bulk materials with potentially recoverable substances

Electrodynamic fragmentation applied to process end-of-life devices


Person in charge: Ir. Rémi Martino (Research Engineer)

Supervisor: Prof. Stoyan Gaydardzhiev

Call identifier: EU ERA-Nets – ECOINNOVERA – 2013

Duration: 30 months (07/2014- 12/2016)

Consortium: Center for Resource Efficiency, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW, CH) -coordinator, Selfrag AG (CH), University of Liège (ULg, BE), Immark AG (CH), Reprocover (BE).

Funding:  Public Service of Wallonia – DGO6 (BE) – for the Belgian Partners; Bundesamt für Umwelt (BAFU, CH),-for the Swiss Partners

Keywords: Recycling, selective fragmentation, composites, carbon fiber enhanced polymers, glass fiber reinforced polymers, mobile phones, printed wiring boards (PWB), incineration slag.


The generation of waste from end-of-life devices such as mobile phones, tablets, printed wiring boards and the ever-increasing use of composite materials in industries such as automotive, aerospace and renewable energy bring up recycling challenges.


The EDF-HVC project aims in evaluating the feasibility of electrodynamic fragmentation application to process end-of-life devices such as waste electrical and electronic equipments and secondary resources such as MSW incineration slags, EoL high-end composites, etc.

Different target materials will be processed under varying operating parameters and characterized respectively, before and after a selective fragmentation in order to optimize the method and evaluate its economical and environmental perspectives.