Integration of COmposites for Greener Engine

Recyclability of composites from aerospace industry


Person in charge: Ir. Mohamed Aâtach (Research Engineer, person in charge since the 1st January 2015), Ir. Pierre-Henri Koch (Research Engineer, person in charge until the 31st December 2014)

Supervisors: Prof. Stoyan Gaydardzhiev (ULg)

Call identifier: SW_ICOGEN

Duration: 24 months (01/2014- 12/2015)

Institutional partners: University of Liège (ULg: GeMMe – M&S – MN2L), Catholic University of Louvain (UCL: ARCOMAT)

Industrial partners: TechSpace Aero, Sirris, Coexpair, GDTech, Samtech, E-Xstream

Funding: Public Service of Wallonia

Keywords: Recycling, Composites, Fibre reinforced polymers, Carbon fibre reinforced products, Glass fibre reinforced polymers, Selective fragmentation, Grinding


As the use of composites steadily increases in the aerospace industry, questions arise regarding the recyclability of this kind of materials.


Within the frame of Skywin Wallonie, the GeMMe group has the following objectives:

  • Understand and review the recycling technologies (efficiency, risks, …);
  • Characterize the products to recycle in terms of chemistry and structure;
  • Identify opportunities to valorize the recycled products (creation of value).

So far several tests have been carried out with cutting mills, rotating mills and by high-voltage pulses fragmentation.