Online Development In Spectral Sensing of materials for recycling


Contact persons : Sophie Leroy, Godefroid Dislaire

Academic supervisor : Pr. E. Pirard

Industrial partner : Comet Traitement

Sponsor : Région Wallonne – First Spin-off

Budget : 165 k€


This project focus on the characterisation of fine shredder residues coming from the industry of car recycling. It is built on the results of the ILIADE research project. Since 2013, GeMMe research group has been devloping a range of sensor for the identification of different types of alloys presents in the non-ferrous fraction of the fine shredder residues. The promising results of the ILIADE project and the interest of the industrial partner ( Comet traitments) lead to the Odissey project.


Odissey Project aims to provide an estimation of the mass of each alloys type in the industrial flows. A laser triangulation system will be add to the system to measure the volume of each fragment. The volumetric data will be combine with density data to provide a reliable estimation of the wheigh of each metallic fragment. The method will be tested and validated on a statistically representative samples. Once the method is validated, the instrument will be tested in real condition at the site of the industrial partner


A industrial version of the prototype built during the ILIADE project will be designed.