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Lithological mapping on drill cores through combined measurement of mechanical and optical properties


Responsible person : Xavier DECAMP

Supervisor : Pr. E. PIRARD

Industrial partner : EPSLOG

Sponsor : Walloon Region

Budget : 350k€


Every year, thousands of kilometres are drilled in geological exploration and have to be analysed. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to analyse automatically drill core samples to identify and quantify geological data. This project aims to automatically analyse drill cores by combination of mechanical and optical measurements.

Material & Method

Mechanical tests are provided by the Wombat machine developed by Epslog. It consists of a scratch test measuring rock resistance, which makes possible to classify different kinds of lithologies with a centimetre resolution. The test also enables indirect correlations between mechanical resistance responses and rock porosity (e.g. in petroleum exploration).

The optical tests consist of laser surfometry, RGB and hyperspectral (0,4-2,5µm) acquisitions. These provide data about groove topography from scratch test, grain size distribution, identification and quantification of mineralogy and potential geological texture or fractures.


The aim of this project is to built several 2D mappings of drill core samples by combination of optical and mechanical acquisitions. These enable the construction of a orebody modeling in a 3D GIS. It also permit to superpose all measurements and provide a better understanding of the ore deposit geometry. This GIS project would be very helpful for extraction itself but also to improve recovering of metals content in the ore (oil in case of petroleum exploitation).